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TYSL Privacy Policy


Revision April 16, 2013

The name of the league shall be the Troy Youth Soccer League, Inc. (also referred to as “TYSL” or “the League”).

The purpose of this League shall be to provide an opportunity for the youth of the City of Troy to learn, develop and play amateur soccer for the betterment of their physical and social well-being.  To this end, the League shall do any and all acts in the furtherance of the foregoing purpose.

The representative colors of TYSL shall be Royal Blue, Red and White.

Section 1:

A.The membership of this League shall include all persons who are elected or appointed to its board of directors, and all coaches, and a parent or legal guardian of a player that is registered for the current season, the immediate previous season, or the next upcoming season.  This group shall be known in total as the “membership” and each individual as a “member”.
B.The fiscal year of the League shall be from July 1 through June 30.  The Spring season is January through June; the Fall season is July through December.
C.For purposes of illustration, if a membership meeting is held in June, a parent/guardian who had a child registered for that Spring season and/or the preceding Fall season, and/or who is registered for the upcoming Fall season, shall be considered a member.
Section 2: All members agree, as a condition of membership, to abide by these Bylaws and subsequent operating rules, and by the rules and regulations of TYSL (including without limitation Coaches’ and Parents’ Codes of Conduct).

Section 3: A member may give notice during any annual general membership meeting of the League regarding any issue that affects the Bylaws which the member wishes to have put on the agenda for discussion and vote at the next annual general membership meeting.

Section 4:

A.The annual general meeting of the membership shall be the October meeting.
B.Membership meetings shall also be called in April and May (Spring season) and August, and September (Fall season); such membership meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of each such month unless otherwise designated by the President.
C.All League meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) or otherwise as agreed to by the participants.

Section 5:All meetings of Members and all meetings of the Board shall be presided over by a Chairperson who shall be the President of the Board or, if the President is not present, by the Vice President, or, if the Vice President is not present, by the Secretary, or if the Secretary is not present, by the Treasurer, or if the Treasurer is not present by the Commissioner. If none of these five officers are present, the meeting shall be cancelled and rescheduled.  (This provision should not be construed to apply to Committee meetings.)

Section 1: The League shall be incorporated as a non-profit Michigan corporation.

Section 2: The League shall fund itself by accepting contributions from members, participants, sponsors, and interested persons, or other fund raising functions.

Section 3: All contributions received shall be used only to accomplish the League’s purpose.

Section 4: In the event of dissolution, all assets, real and personal, shall be distributed to such organizations as are qualified as tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provisions of a future United States Internal Revenue code.

Section 1: Board of Director Composition

The property, activities, and affairs of the League will be managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of this League will consist of the following offices:

A.Executive Officers/Directors consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissioner; and

B.Directors consisting of Head of Coaching, Registrar, Game Scheduler, Equipment Manager, Promotions and Recruitment (and/or IT and/or Referee Scheduler).
Section 2:Terms of Office

A.Directors shall be elected at the annual general membership meeting. The President, Secretary, Registrar, Equipment Manager, Promotions and IT Director shall be elected during odd numbered years and the Vice-President, Treasurer, Commissioner, Head of Coaching, and Game Scheduler shall be elected during even numbered years.  The newly elected officers shall take office on November 1 of the year of their election.
B.The elected Officers and Directors will serve a two (2) year term.

Section 3: Responsibilities/Duties of Office

A.The Board of Directors shall have the authority to supervise the affairs and conduct business on behalf of TYSL.
B.All members of the Board of Directors shall be required to attend both Board of Directors and Membership meetings.
C.All members of the Board of Directors, upon the conclusion of their term(s) of office, shall be responsible for advising the Board and/or their successor, sharing experience and history, and providing consistency between incoming and outgoing administrations.

Section 4:Authority of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall operate only within the framework of the Bylaws and subsequent operating rules.

Section 5:Board of Directors meetings

A.Directors shall meet once a month, on the second Wednesday, unless otherwise specified by the President.
B.All meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) or as otherwise agreed by the participants.
C.Fifty percent (50%) of Board positions filled shall constitute a quorum. Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (one more than half the members present).

Section 6:Voting rights of the Board of Directors

Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one (1) vote on all matters requiring a vote, with the exception of the President who shall cast a vote only in the event of a tie.  A quorum of the board must be present for the vote to be valid.

Section 7:Compensation

It is the League’s intention that those serving on the Board be volunteers.  The Officers/members of the Board of Directors of the league, as such, shall not be compensated for performance of duties/services for the League. Such restriction shall not apply to refereeing activities; nor shall compensation be deemed or construed to include the annual year-end appreciation dinner or registration/coaching discounts/rebates and the like (and each Board member shall be eligible for a free player registration so long as they hold a Board of Directors position).  See also Article XII, Section 1.

Section 8:Conflicts of Interest

Any member of the Board who has a financial or personal interest in, or conflict (or appearance of a conflict) with any matter pending before the Board, of such nature that it prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Board to voluntarily excuse him/herself and will refrain from discussion and voting on said item.  Any Director may raise the issue of potential conflict (their own and/or another Director’s) at the time the matter is raised.

Section 9:Recall Procedure

A.A petition stating the reasons for recall must be signed by 50% of the voting membership of the League.
B.Petition shall be presented to the Board of Directors.
C.A regular membership or special meeting shall be held within thirty (30) days of receipt of petition to take action on it.
D.A simple majority of votes cast by the membership shall be able to recall a member of the Board of Directors.

Section 1: The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Commissioner shall be TYSL Officers. Officers are Directors.

Section 2:Duties of TYSL Officers

The TYSL Officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and/or the parliamentary authority adopted by TYSL.

A.The President shall:
1.Be responsible for the overall running of the League.
2.Preside at Board and Membership meetings.
3.Appoint, with the approval of the Board of Directors, all committee chairpersons and committee members.
4.Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
5.Approve all official press releases.
6.Arrange all League insurance.
B.The Vice President shall:
1.Act as an aide to the President.
2.Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve.
3.Be the League’s delegate to MSYSA.
4.Coordinate “SoccerFest” (inaugural class, or U6) tournament (every September).
C.The Secretary shall:
1.Keep an accurate record of all Board of Directors and Membership meetings.
2.Handle league correspondence.
3.Give notice of all Board and Membership meetings.
4.Maintain League records.
5.Award scholarships.
D.The Treasurer shall:
1.Be bonded.
2.Maintain League financial records.
3.Provide financial statements at Board of Directors and Membership meetings.
4.Issue all League checks (the President and another designated Officer shall be authorized to sign checks, if necessary.)
     E. The Commissioner shall:
1.Investigate infractions of the TYSL Player “Bluebook”, violations of the “Coaches’ Code of Conduct”, and/or the “Players’ Code of Conduct”.
2.Act as the Chairman of the Appeals and Protest Committee consisting of at least one person who shall investigate all complaints, grievances, and requests for suspension, censure, or expulsion of any player, coach, and/or team for any infraction of the Bylaws or Rules of Play, and make (non-binding) recommendation(s) for appropriate action to the Board of Directors.

Section 1:The Head of Coaching, the Registrar, the Game Scheduler, the Equipment Manager, the Promotions and Recruitment Director, and the IT (Information Technology) Director shall be TYSL Directors:
Section 2:Duties of TYSL Directors

The TYSL Directors shall perform the duties prescribed by these Bylaws and/or the parliamentary authority adopted by TYSL.

     A.The Head of Coaching shall:
     1.Be responsible for appointing and confirming team coaches.
     2.Conduct (or arrange for the conducting of) orientation for new coaches.
     3.Arrange instructional clinics for coaches and players.
     4.Be the Chairperson of Division Representatives.
     5.Discipline for infractions of league rules.
     6.Maintain coaches’ seniority records.
     7.Serve as the Chairperson of any Coaches Committee.
     B.The Registrar shall:
     1.Coordinate registration of all players.
     2.Assign players to teams.
     3.Maintain official League rosters.
     4.Validate player registration cards.
     5.Publicize registration dates and deadlines.
     6.Serve as the Chairperson of any Registration Committee.
     C. The Game Scheduler shall:
           1.Be responsible for scheduling all League games.
     2.Coordinate field use with Troy Recreation Department.
     3.Provide a season game schedule.
     D.The Equipment Manager shall:
   1.Be responsible for all League (sporting) equipment (purchasing, storing, distributing, collecting, and replacing).
   2.Provide the Board of Directors with a yearly equipment inventory.
     E.The Promotions and Recruitment Director shall:
     1.Be responsible for fund raising and promotional activities.
   2.Coordinate sponsor affiliations.
3.Publish and furnish the membership with a minimum of two (2) newsletters yearly.
   4.Be responsible for maintaining League standings.
   5.Pursue, coordinate, and implement publication of advertising in local newspapers.
   6.Arrange for purchase and distribution of patches, trophies, and awards.
     F.The IT (Information Technology) Director shall:
1.Be responsible for all League (computer and related peripheral) equipment (purchasing, maintenance and updating, repairing, and/or replacing).
2.Plan, coordinate, and implement periodic hardware and software upgrades/updates.
Section 1:Committee Creation:

Unless stated in these Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall create all committees of TYSL. The President with the approval of the Board shall establish composition of each committee.

Section 2:Membership:

A.Any member of the League may volunteer to be on a Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
B.A Director or an Officer will chair each committee created.
C.Membership on a committee shall be for a year and may be renewed by the President.
D.The President upon notice and hearing may remove any committee member.
E.No committee position or decision may bind the League without the prior approval by the Board of Directors.
F.Committees may be permanent or temporary, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.
G.Committee members may be permitted to attend Board and Membership meetings.  Participation at Board and Membership meetings shall be advisory in nature and no voting rights are conferred by virtue of committee membership.

Section 3:Specific Committees:

A.There may be an Appeals and Protest Committee consistent with Article VII, Section 2, E(2), above.
B.There may be a Coaches Committee consisting of at least one person who shall meet and encourage the identification and development of coaches and assistant coaches, sponsor coaching programs and investigate and suspend coaches upon notice and hearing and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
C.There may be a Registration Committee consisting of at least one person who shall meet and develop registration forms, publicize and set registration dates, handle registrations, determine player eligibility, investigate and determine registration refunds, distribute registration forms and player pass cards and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
D.The Board of Directors may create additional committees.


Section 1:Voting Members

Voting members consist of the members of the Board of Directors and all registered/rostered coaches.

Section 2:Number of Votes
Each voting member shall have only one vote regardless of the number of membership positions he/she holds.  If multiple votes are received from a member, none of the votes will be counted.

Section 3:Election of the Board of Directors

A.The present board shall administer the election and make public notification thirty (30) days prior to the date of the election.
B.Elections shall be held in the month of October of the current year for offices open as of November 1.
C.Any member of the membership, or any (non-member) individual approved by the Board of Directors, may run for an office.  No person may hold or run for more than one position at the same time. If any of the board members remaining in office wishes to run for an open/vacated officer/director position, that Director may run for the open/vacated office and, if they win, must resign from their previous position.
D.Whenever there is a vacancy in the Board of Directors by reason of death, removal, resignation or otherwise, the Board, in the sole discretion of the majority of its Directors, may, but shall not be required to, fill the position by one of the following methods:
1.the vacancy may be filled by appointment by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors,
2.the vacancy may be filled by special election (with at least thirty (30) days notice to the voting membership),
3.the vacancy may be filled by election at the next annual general meeting of the membership (the October membership meeting), or
4.the vacancy may be left vacant (but, if a candidate has submitted his/her name pursuant to and in compliance with subsection F, below, the position may be left vacant only until the regular election at the next annual general meeting).
Any individual elected or appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve out the term of the Director so replaced.
If an Officer or Director misses three (3) consecutive Board meetings without approval or without just cause, such Director shall be required to have a hearing before the Board of Directors (to refute the presumption that such absences constitute an implied resignation by that Director) or submit a resignation.  Any resulting vacancy shall be filled by the Board of Directors in accordance with this provision.
E.The resignation of a Director shall be effective upon receipt of notice by an Officer of the League or at such subsequent time set forth in the notice of resignation.
F.Any member, or (non-member) individual approved by the Board of Directors, who wishes to run for a Board of Director position must submit his/her name and resume to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled election in order to be considered for placement on the official ballot. Only those individuals who are placed upon the ballot pursuant to this section are eligible for election (no “write-in” candidates).
G.Ballots will be discarded after the election tally is made and a winner is announced. 

Section 4:Voting Process

A.A ballot will be posted to the website (www.tysl.org) at least one week prior to the scheduled election.

B.A member may submit a vote by:
1.Secret ballot at the membership meeting scheduled for the date of the announced vote.
2.Absentee ballot, provided that the ballot is delivered to the TYSL offices at least three (3) days prior to the date of the announced vote.
3.E-mail correspondence, provided that the vote is sent to the Secretary, or other designated TYSL official, from the registered email account of the member and the vote is sent at least three (3) days prior to the date of the announced vote.
C.The League official responsible for collecting and tallying absentee and email ballots shall not disclose the result(s) of such absentee and email voting until after the secret ballots cast at the membership meeting have been collected and tallied.

Section 5:Decision of Election

Unless indicated otherwise in the Bylaws, any election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast by the membership.  All secret ballots, absentee ballots, and email ballots will be destroyed/discarded/deleted immediately following the election.

Section 1: The League membership can amend the Bylaws by a simple majority of votes cast by the membership.

Section 2: These Bylaws may be amended by the Board at any regular meeting of the League provided notice of the proposed amendment vote shall have been submitted at the previous meeting or sent to the membership at least 20 days prior to the voting.  The amendment cannot conflict with the regulations in use by the sanctioning bodies.


Section 1: If occasions or situations arise that are not fully covered by these Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have full power to decide such cases.

Section 2: The provisions of these Bylaws are severable.  If any provision is held invalid or unenforceable by final judgment of a court and/or sanctioning body, all other and remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.