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Frequently Asked Questions about Scorekeeping

The coaches’ answers are in Red.

Do we keep the detailed results/scores (provided in packet) and send your division rep only the summary results (wins, losses, and tie record) on a weekly basis?  YES. After your 2nd game.

What information should we send to the division rep? Win, loss, and tie record.

Do we need to send a detailed record of our games to the division rep? When the division rep requests it.

Who gets the official game sheet?  Should we fax a copy in to the division rep? The coaches keep the game sheets for discrepancies or tie breakers at the end of the season.

What day is the division rep expecting the scores from the coaches? Coaches should send in your scores every Monday to the division rep.

Will the division reps contact coaches if they don't get their scores in by a certain time? No.  Division Reps will not call the coaches. You will only be credited for those games reported within 10 days.

How often should we call in or e-mail our scores? After your second game, then every week.

Additional Information:

Check the web site and see if it is up to date.

The errors fixed the last week of the season will be limited to errors from the last ten days of the season.  

Report your game results in a timely manner!      



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