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TYSL Referee Payment Procedure             (5/5/2014)

Dear TYSL Referees,

This note applies to payments associated with ONLY TYSL-House games.

Please carefully read through the referee payment procedure outlined below, before submitting your payment request. Please submit 3 payment requests or less each season.

TYSL Staff

1.Complete a Referee Payment Sheet, downloadable from http://www.tysl.org/uploads2/RefPaySheet.pdf.

2.Please request payment for ONLY those assignments shown in OFFICIAL Arbiter schedule.  You are on your own if have given games away, gotten games from, and/or swapped games on your own, without being recorded in the Arbiter.

3.Submit a copy of your Arbiter schedule (and NOT your OWN copy-n-paste version), which you can obtain by doing the following:
•Log in to your Arbiter account, and click the Schedule tab.
•Under Groups, check ONLY 103509, and under Display, check “Show All.”
•Print the schedule (from your web browser’s menu, go File > Print).
•Cross out games already submitted (which you were not supposed to have done).

4.For games you were assigned as a Center Referee, submit 1 game sheet for each game.

5.For games you were assigned as an AR, list dates of assignment in the payment sheet. You should NOT have received game sheets as an AR.

6.For Fall only: 1 Soccerfest game = (0.5)*U5/ [or $8/game].

7.If you have any center assignment listed in Arbiter schedule but don’t have a game sheet to show for, please provide explanations as to why it should NOT be treated as a no-show.

8.Mail or drop off the completed package to TYSL Office, following the information provided at the bottom of payment sheet.