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TYSL Privacy Policy

The Troy Youth Soccer League strives to project a professional image.

The official League uniform (the Red Home and the Blue Away) plays an integral part in forging the League’s identity, fostering a sense of community, and building pride in the organization.

Players are REQUIRED to wear official League uniform jerseys for games. The regular use of a T-shirt as a substitute for the uniform shirt is, and is to be, discouraged.

The League also prefers players to wear uniform shorts and socks.  Alternatively, and at a minimum, it is recommended all players wear black or dark blue shorts.

Each goalkeeper must wear a jersey/shirt with colors that distinguish the goalkeeper from the other players (so, no blue or red jerseys/shirts).

During inclement weather, players are permitted to wear additional layers of clothing/sweatpants but the appropriate-color League uniform jersey (or goalie shirt) must always be worn as the outermost layer. Also, shirts worn under the uniform jersey should be black or, preferably, match the color of uniform jersey.

Official home and away jerseys (REQUIRED), shorts, and socks can be purchased thru the TYSL.

The style of the uniform changes infrequently, and the jerseys are durable, so you should be able to get many seasons use.

                                Posted 1-9-2015